3-5 March 2021

Art Hotel & Resort, Bahrain

KCA International


KCA International has worked on a variety of projects. With 3 offices – London, Dubai & Hong Kong, they all have Design Directors and Associates with enormous experience in the field of interior design and interior architecture, all of them having worked internationally across the globe. This has led to our in-depth understanding of specific buildings and their specific operational requirements. In particular, international hotel groups have sought much of our expertise and creativity.

Raj Sanotra is Associate & Head of Operations and is based in the London office. His responsibilities are to ensure that the designers are allowed to use their own creativity within the design principal constraints of the company.

What was it about HI Design EMEA that made you decide to attend?

Being able to meet with suppliers, other designers and of course the hotel operators. HI Design is an opportunity to see how the market is moving along and to see how the economic downturn has affected others. It has also allowed me a great opportunity to find out if we are on the right path with regards to design trends, and I can confirm we are.

Tell me about any good meetings that you have had, and particular encounters in meetings or outside of them?

I have had a number of good meetings, 1 or 2 in particular dealing with problems we are expecting to face on particular projects. I have met suppliers not known to me and have found that they maybe useful for future projects.

What have you been able to achieve at HI Design EMEA? How has this been helpful to you?

I have been able to touch base with suppliers, my peers and existing/potential clients (hotel Operators). HI Design has allowed me to have focused meetings with suppliers, which is not always possible in the office. I have built my knowledge of new products and needs.

How is HI Design EMEA different to other events? What sets it apart from the traditional exhibition?

Unlike an exhibition Suppliers/Buyers are meeting the right people, it’s not a lottery.

Will you return to HI Design EMEA? Why?

Yes, and will also encourage other designers to attend.

If a contemporary who was wondering about attending HI Design EMEA asked you about it what would you say?

You should go. HI Design is fun, hard work and a great event.